Started my journey from Bangalore and reached Inchon international airport (Seoul) via Hong Kong on October 17th.

This is my second trip to South Korea, Last time I visited Korea in Sep 2007, which was autumn season and is the best time to come here. This time it was starting of winter which will be at its peak in the December mid to January (around -5 to 5)

I have managed to take out some time in weekends to see some places nearby Seoul city.

1.  Namsan Tower

Also known as the Seoul tower, it’s a must visit place in the Seoul. You can find out nice surrounding views of whole city from this area. Special attraction is the cable car and the night light shows done to the Seoul tower.
As I visited this place in the morning and missed nice lighting view of the tower, but will suggest you to be there in the night time.

2. War Memorial of Korea
This park is full of aircraft, tanks, and other military machines used from the Korean War. One of the most touching scenes is the statue of two brothers, one from the South Korea and another from North Korea and meeting in the battlefield like this…

3. Itaewon
The best place to visit, if you are really tired of daily Korean food, There are many restaurants which provides international cuisines including Indian, Pakistani, Thai and many others which are not easily available in other parts of Korea.
I had my dinner in the Indian restaurant called “Chakraa”, its famous restaurant among Indians in Korea.

4. Yongsan – Electronic market
Whenever I come to Korea, I would like to visit this place, as you can get some nice good gadgets in reasonable price (depends your bargains) Last time I purchased Sony H50 DSLR. This time I was bit disappointed as I couldn’t find the e-book reader. Anyway place is worth to visit & get some e-toys for fun.

5. Gyeongbokgung Palace
This palace represents the Korean history and culture. The Palace itself is beautiful and the secret gardens are worth a visit. But need bit of extra time to see the complete area.