About Me

This is me Shatrughan, a simple man on this earth.

Like all, I too have some goals to achieve in life, just trying to complete them before its all over…




2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Shatrughan,

    You got a wonderful blog and I read the Madurai and Hong Kong blogs.

    I will be in Madurai and wanted to stay at Agrasen Bhawan (in Jan, 2015). Reach by 7 PM and will do the early morning rituals. We are 3 couples.

    I was little concerned about the cleanliness of the rooms. Do suggest me which room should we select and does the hotels has new building and old building. I think in Jan we can take non AC rooms, but if AC rooms are better, then we will go for AC rooms.

    Thanks for your reply and suggestion.


  2. shatrughan said:

    Hi Sanjeev,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I stayed in Agrasen Bhavan at Rameshwaram not at Madurai and also not sure about Agrasen bhavan in Madurai.

    By the way rooms at Rameshwaram was pretty much clean, with AC and good facility of veg food (if you are specific to that). Building is quite new, will suggest AC rooms as weather may be bit humid due to coastal area.

    If you are with family I will suggest this is nice place to stay.

    – Shatrughan

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